Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Romo is back in Town....

Ever wondered if you could have a robot like the one in WALL·E as a friend, or someone who is there to pick up the TV remote when your lazy to get up. Well the answer is yes and that is not very far away....

Introducing Romo the iPhone powered robot. He's got a cute little face, runs around room and when he sees people he smiles :)   The guys who invented the Romo are based out in Vegas. And just like Vegas Romo has got all the style of Vegas, a streamlined body, a redesigned model from that of the Romo 1.0 and it looks more like a toy than a tool.

Romo can be connected to your iPhone and can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet. We can let Romo run around the room and use the camera as well. The Romo costs $150 if you pledge now and they are looking for quite a lot of money to build and ship these guys.

The best part is that the development  team is planning on building an entirely new app for Romo, adding some kick-ass features like autonomous navigation, facial recognition, and computer vision. They will also add an SDK so programmers and add features to the Romo.

Well there is one thing sure about the future. There are going to be robots and Sci-Fi movies were definitely not lying. Who knows one day robots like Romo will be doing the grocery shopping for us just because it is easier for us and maybe robots can scan the groceries and see which ones are the best. 

Check Romo out on their website at http://romotive.com/meetromo

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